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SOLAR POWER technology

For centuries, light has been used to measure time. In its collection of watches, SWISS MILITARY by Chrono implements modern SOLAR POWER technology in order to create an outstanding product. The interplay between tradition and innovation internalises ecological awareness whilst maintaining a high standard of reliability, precision and vibrancy.

Light as a source of power

SOLAR POWER technology uses natural or artificial light as operating power. The dial of the watch channels the light to the subjacent solar cell which collects and converts it into electricity. The latter activates the motor of the watch so that excess energy charges the integrated battery. Having been charged completely, the watch, therefore, has the capacity to run in the dark for several months (power reserve).

Away with battery replacement

SOLAR POWER technology makes cumbersome battery replacements redundant. Through the impulse of the natural propulsion of light your watch continues to run reliably and with the highest precision.



Ecology and sustainability

Conventional quartz watches have one characteristic in common: they run with the help of disposable batteries. SOLAR POWER technology is a clean, ecological source of power. Even though the climate is not going to change thanks to this technology, your purchase of a solar powered watch makes a statement on the importance of protecting the environment and our climate.